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Although involved with all things canine for many years, my story with whippets began only a short while ago.....


A few years ago a small bundle of fawn whippet arrived in my life, and his name was Oliver.


It took absolutely no time at all for this little man to work his way into my heart, and soon I had discovered the delight and versatility of the breed. There was no doubt about it, I was hooked on the world of whippets!


Ollie was bought purely as a pet, but after attending whippet race meetings and various breed and championship shows I was beginning to think that I really could have some fun with his lordship, and we hadn't even discovered the excitement of lure coursing or agility!


Very soon afterwards it was quite apparent that whippet number two was inevitable so Jacob came to join our pack. He has taught me so much about handling and showing, and it really is a great passion of mine now.


We spent a couple of years enjoying each others company and then whippet number three graced us with his presence on the sofa. Ruso, complete with stripes, landed like a bolt of lightning on the 26th January 2007 and we haven't looked back since...........


We've taken a breath and now are delighted to anounce that Badger has come to live with us! I am hoping that he will help me realise my dream of owning an allround whippet. His breeding, together with the fact that he is black (with just a little white) makes him the perfect addition to my pack.


Why Alacrity Whippets.......Alacrity means lively, eager, sprightly and alert!


I hope you enjoy the site


Tracy Chamberlain and her Whippets x

Where much loved whippets enjoy a full and active life. In between sessions of eating and sleeping, they find the time to show, race and lurecourse with a little agility thrown in for good measure!


We've branched out now Badger has arrived, and the ferrets have joined our Working Team!


My boys are my pride and joy and fill my life with adventure.


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Portrait of Badger by Zoe Gibson

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Pease bear with me as this site is undergoing a complete overhaul.

It's not been touched for years, but needs updating now The Mouse has arrived!