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Mallyfield Wild Knight with Alacrity

D.O.B. 25.06.07

Badger is excelling at getting to the Milk Bar first!

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Within minutes of being home, Badger scoops the prize for 'Most Handsome Pup at Alacrity!

February - Gloucester Open Show - Viv Coulter (Colooney)

Badger was 3rd in a large puppy class behind some lovely mature whippets. The badge then entered the AV Hound Puppy class and won it under Linda Swann


February 2008 - South West Whippet Club- Judge Sarah Pirie

Badger won a class of 7 in MPD and then challenged 2 others puppies to be BPD and RBPIS.


February 2008 - Whippet Club of Wales - Mr Bill Browne-Cole (Travella)

Badger won both Minor Puppy Dog and Puppy Dog, and was RBPIS.


January 2008 - Lichfield and District Open Show - Judge Dawn Mason (Aphrael)

Badger won Puppy and then took Reserve Best of Breed as well as BPIB, a great achievement at seven months!


January 2008 - Manchester Championship Show - Harry Boyle Judging

The Badge Man was 3rd in a class of 8, qualifying fo Crufts 2009 first time of asking. Well Done to the Black and White Bombshell I couldn't have asked for more!


January 2008 - Southampton and District CS Open Show - Judge Robert Greaves

Badger was second in Junior (no puppy class today) to Miss Peggy Sue


January 2008 - Midland Whippet Limited Show - Rachel Hannington

Big entries today and both the pups did well, Ruso coming second in Junior to Roger Stock's lad and The Badge was third in MPD with 9 entries, so I'm very pleased with that as it was his first breed club show.


December 2007 - Weston Super Mare CS Open Show - Nicky Warner

Ruso won Junior and Badger was fantastic in his first Puppy Class and was only beaten by a puppy almost twice his age, so no shame there. I was over the moon with the lads today!


December 2007 - Knowl Hill Monthly Match - Judged by Rita Aldridge (Fleckers)

The Badge Man takes another big Baby Puppy Walk and comes home with a huge cup lol!


December 2007 - Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match - Jeane Collins (Jedforest)

The pups excelled themselves tonight, both retaining their trophies. Badger won Baby Puppy from a class of 10, and Ruso won Junior with 8 entries


24.09.07 - Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match - Judge Fiona Lambert (Kanix)

Badger came along to the Match with the big boys. He had one session of ringcraft training the previous week and so I entered him in Baby Puppy (3 to 6 months) for a bit more practice.

There were 7 in the class, and the little lad was so good on the table and moved like an absolute dream. I'm very proud that on his debut in the ring, the Badge Man won the class, way to go Badger!!


Badger at 19 weeks by

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