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Where to begin about this lovely young boy?


I went to see three dogs and a bitch that had been run on by their breeder and she had decided to keep the bitch, so I was able to have pick of the boys. I wanted a dog to show, and she helped me decide that Jacob was definitely the dog for me.


From minute one, he was a pleasure to own. He had to endure a four hour car journey home, and did this without batting an eyelid. Once at home he settled in as though he had always been there. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and really is such a character!


Jacob really has taught me so much about the ring and handling dogs. As my first ever show dog he has been lumbered with a complete novice as a handler, so we have been learning together. He has been a challenge, yet a joy to work with, as he is such a happy boy he would like to run round the ring and just play with everyone. He is addicted to pointies and likes nothing more than to head off to a show with me.


He has matured into a beautiful boy who really enjoys his time in the ring, and can now stand still forever!


I was proud of Jake for qualifying for Cruft 2007. He was only shown very lightly as I was injured for a while and couldn't exhibit. I hope that he will achieve the same this year, and I am sure we will have fun trying...


Jacob has run at Andover and West Somerset racing clubs, and also BSFA lure coursing. While he has has thoroughly enjoyed these runs, I have yet to knuckle down and passport him as we have been focusing on his career in the ring.


Jacob seems disinterested in fur, but has a penchant for feather!

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Just Silver Steel of Alacrity

DOB 26.01.05

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