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Gloucester Open Show - Viv Coulter (Colooney)

Badger was 3rd in a large puppy class and Ruso was VHC, again in a big class so pleased with the lads. The badge then entered the AV Hound Puppy class and won it under Linda Swann


South West Whippet Club- Judge Sarah Pirie

Badger won a class of 7 in MPD and then challenged 2 others puppies to be BPD and RBPIS. Ruso was 3rd in the Lure Coursing Class.


Whippet Club of Wales - Mr Bill Browne-Cole (Travella)

Badger won both Minor Puppy Dog and Puppy Dog, and was RBPIS. Ruso was second in Post Graduate


Lichfield and District Open Show - Judge Dawn Mason (Aphrael)

Ruso was second in the Postgrad Class and Badger won Puppy and then took BPIB and RBOB.


Manchester Championship Show - Harry Boyle Judging

Ruso took the reserve in Junior (from 13), and The Badge Man was 3rd in a class of 8, qualifying fo Crufts 2009 first time of asking. Well Done to the Black and White Bombshell!


Southampton and District CS Open Show - Judge Robert Greaves

Badger was second in Junior (no puppy class today) and Ruso won the Post Grad Class


Midland Whippet Limited Show - Rachel Hannington

Big entries today and both the pups did well, Ruso coming second in Junior to Roger Stock's lad and The Badge was third in MPD with 9 entries, so I'm very pleased with that as it was his first breed club show.


Weston Super Mare CS Open Show - Nicky Warner

Ruso won Junior and Badger was fantastic in his first Puppy Class and was only beaten by a puppy almost twice his age, so no shame there. I was over the moon with the lads today!


Knowl Hill Monthly Match - Judged by Rita Aldridge (Fleckers)

The Badge Man takes another big Baby Puppy Walk and comes home with a huge cup lol!


Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match - Jeane Collins (Jedforest)

The pups excelled themselves tonight, both retaining their trophies. Badger won Baby Puppy from a class of 10, and Ruso won Junior with 8 entries


Whippet Club of Wales - Judge Dave King

Ruso was reserve from a puppy class of 16


The Dent Challenge - EAWCC Lure Coursing Event

Winx wins The Purse in this 32 dog stake


Badger has his first ferreting experience and catches his first rabbit! Click here to see all the action!


VDCC Wickwar Hill Sprint

Mr Winx wins his stake on the 400 metre uphill course


Midland Whippet Club Championship Show - Dog Judge Jessie Mcleod

Ruso takes reserve out of a big puppy class.


South Yorkshire Whippet Club Champ Show - Mrs C Neale judging

Ruso was placed 4th in a class of 9 in PD and Jacob was VHC out of 8 in his class.


Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match – Judge Fiona Lambert (Kanix)

I thought I'd take everyone this evening, Badger could have a practice (he went to his first ringcraft lesson last week) and Winx could put a show lead on for the first time this year!

Badger won his Baby Puppy Class (3 to 6 months) out of 7 entries

Ruso won Junior, from a class of eight.

Winx excelled himself to take 2nd out of 6 in Novice

Jacob didn’t have the best night of his life lol! He was 5th out of 6, but he showed well.

A very good night for Alacrity! 


City of Birmingham Championship Show with Judge Mr Alec Mackenzie

Ruso was 2nd in MPD and 3rd in PD, and Jacob showed his socks off and won the Post Graduate Class. Way to go boys, you did me proud today. Pictures are on Jacob's results page.


East Anglian Whippet Club Championship Show - Dog Judge Maureen Blanks

Ruso wins the Minor Puppy Dog Class of 8, and qualifies for Crufts 2008 in style. Jacob takes VHC in a Post Graduate Class of 20. Well done boys! Pictures are on Ruso's Results page


Badger arrives at Alacrity!

Check out his page to read the story of his homecoming.


Ruso wins the Puppy Hurdling Event

We went to the Total Lurcher Show at the weekend, and Ruso excelled himself, winning the puppy hurdles with ease. I also had the pleasure of handling a friends dog Merlin, who won his class and went on to be Reserve Best in Show - Way to go Merlin!


Paignton Championsip Show with Jenny Startup Judging

Another reserve for SBSD in quite a big class, but boy what a difference, it seems the lad has mastered the art of standing still....well for at least 10 seconds at a time!


Badger is born!

Our new addition came into the world at 4.45 on the 25th of June, and I was there at his birth. It was very special to be present at the whelping of this young lad, and he is absolutely stunning. you can find out more about him on                          He comes from excellent lines in both working and showing, so as you can imagine, I am very excited about being able to bring him home to Alacrity!


Ruso goes to Blackpool Champ Show - Judge Mrs Ivy Potts

Oh my goodness how naughty can a puppy be? Still, in far from favourable conditions he look reserve in MPD so another placing for the little toad!


Ruso makes his first catch!

Under careful supervision and tuition from a friend, Ruso is incredibly pleased with himself as he catches his first bunny. Let's hope it's one of many!


Ruso went under Molly Head at Whippet Club of Scotland

He was VHC from a class of 8 in Minor Puppy Dog, and Reserve in Novice from 14...He was very naughty bless him, but enjoyed his trip to Scotland!


Ruso is Best Puppy In Show at Woodley, under Mr Alec Mackenzie

Critique ~ Beautiful, well constructed with wonderful movement


Jacob takes the reserve in Post Graduate (11 entries) at Southern Counties Championship Show

Very pleased with my lad, it was scorching!


Ruso wins Best Puppy In Show in the Whippet Forum Virtual Dog Show

No mean feat from the Puppy Walk with 25 puppies entered in the competition!


Oliver Winx wins his class at the recent BSFA Lure Coursing Meeting

He had a bad fall and injured himelf in his second run, but he's okay.


Jacob was 2nd in his class at Chertsey and District Show

1st in the class went RBOB.


Ruso is second out of nine in his latest Puppy Walk

Critique ~ The nicest whippet I've had my hands on in ages, he was lovely to go over. Wonderful depth of chest, glorious movement, perfect length, and an excellent front.

Badger's Page Ruso's First Catch - Pics