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Winx is a little man with a HUGE personality, and we have had great fun together. He is my soulmate, if you believe in such a thing, and I cannot think of him not being in my life.


He is the reason I am so enamoured with whippets, and I thank him for that. He has bought me joy and happiness as well as shock and worry on occasion, but his endearing personality and sheer exuberance for life, even when the world seems against him, has never ceased to amaze me.


Because of his versatility I have encountered many new experiences and have made some firm friends within the different whippet circles.


Ollie was bought from a lovely couple in Oxford, and I knew that both his parents raced, although his dam only very lightly. After a bit of research I found that his sire was WCRCh Mr Woo, and almost immediately things fell into place! Having always been very much a livewire, it seems that his pace and focus comes from his breeding. He is racing at open level and doing rather well.


We thoroughly enjoy the racing scene, and also attend regular lure coursing meeting with the BSFA where he has won his class on quite a few occasions.


Winx has entered breed shows in the racing and coursing classes and been placed in quite large classes, so I am proud of the fact that he can hold his own in the show ring as well as performing on the track.


He thoroughly enjoys agility sessions and took to this very quickly. He is extrememly biddable and intelligent, so when this is combined with his speed you can imagine the results!


He caught his first mature rabbit at the age of eight months, and in the last year he has really discovered the delights of rabbiting, and has a nice tally of catches.


He does have an achilles heel - he suffers dreadfully from separation anxiety. I, nor a behaviourist, have been able to help him with this. Because my dogs do have to be left for two hours a day, I felt the best option for Winx was a canine companion, as all other known cures seemed to have failed!


Enter Jacob...........................

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DOB 24.11.04

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