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oliver's results

 Star of The North over Alacrity

WCRA Racing Name - Mr Winx

DOB 24.11.04

November 2007 - Winx takes The Purse in The Dent Challenge

A 32 dog stake organised by EAWCC.  


October 2007 - VDCC Wickwar Hill Sprint

Winx wins his stake in a knockout competition running a 400 meter uphill course


September 2007 - Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match - Judge Fiona Lambert (Kanix)

Winx took second out of 6 in his class, well done that lad, it's the first time he'd had a show lead on this year!


September 2007 - West Somerset Open

He won his Heat, so went through to the Main Semis and came second, earning him a place in the Main Final for his weigh group. He came 3/4 but I was very proud of him getting there!


August 2007 - Club Racing at Andover

Not Winx's best day (he didn't have his usual trapper and it showed lol!) He was 3rd in his first race and 2nd in his second


May 2007 - BSFA Lure Coursing Meet

Oliver Winx wins his class at the recent BSFA Lure Coursing Meeting.He had a bad fall and injured himelf in his second run, but he's okay.

4517153818_388x240.jpg 4518594114_477x208.jpg 4518594116_476x236.jpg

Pictures from BSFA Meet, very kindly taken and supplied by E Moriarte.

Winx is running with Esme - Lynperry Esmeralda Pudding

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Pics here lampy 11

Trophy Presentation at the Wickwar Hillsprint

Photograph courtesy of Julia Cloke

Presentation of Winx's prize at The Dent Challenge Event

Picture kindly supplied by Chris Doyle