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DOB 05.12.06

Ruso is a wonderful young lad who stole my heart when he was a few hours old.


He is due to make his debut in the main ring in June 2007.


A breeder who I know as a friend had a litter due and I was interested in the lines behind this mating, so had asked to go along and view the puppies when they were old enough to receive visitors. I did not for one second think that I would ask to have a puppy, but as you will see from Ruso's Diary......things don't always go to plan!


I have always admired Ruso's sire and many of his relatives. His dam, Diva,  has also been a favourite of mine from Wendy's kennels. So it's not really surprising that I couldn't let this gorgeous boy slip through my fingers!


I hope to have fun with SBSD in the ring and on the lure coursing field. He has the breeding behind him to do well in both disciplines so we will certainly give it a good effort. I suppose his only handicap will be his handler.......


Who knows what the future holds for us, but we are certainly enjoying the present!

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