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DOB 05.12.06

February 2008 - Whippet Club of Wales - Mr Bill Browne-Cole (Travella)

Ruso was second in Post Graduate.


January 2008 - Lichfield and District Open Show - Judge Dawn Mason (Aphrael)

Ruso was second in a strong Postgrad Class 


January 2008 - Manchester Championship Show - Harry Boyle Judging

Ruso took the reserve in Junior (from 13)


January 2008 - Southampton and District CS Open Show - Judge Robert Greaves

Ruso won the Post Grad Class today, I was really pleased as this was his first time in a grown up class as Badger was in Junior.


January 2008 - Midland Whippet Limited Show - Rachel Hannington

Big entries today and both the pups did well, Ruso coming second in Junior to Roger Stock's lad.


December 2007 - Weston Super Mare CS Open Show - Nicky Warner

Ruso won Junior today, really pleased.


December 2007 - Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match - Jeane Collins (Jedforest)

The pups excelled themselves tonight, both retaining their trophies. Badger won Baby Puppy from a class of 10, and Ruso won Junior with 8 entries


December 2007 - Whippet Club of Wales - Judge Dave King

Ruso was reserve from a puppy class of 16


September 2007 - Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match

Ruso was 1st from a class of eight. He did really well, as he would much rather have been playing with Emme his sister!


September 2007 - Richmond Championship Show - Judge Mr Dennis Mayger

Ruso took VHC in a PD Class of 9 today. I was pleased with him, as I thought he showed well against the bigger, more mature puppies.


August 2007 - City of Birmingham Championship Show - Judge Alec Mackenzie

Ruso was 2nd in MPD today and then 3rd in Puppy Dog against the bigger boys. 


August 2007 - East Anglian Whippet Club Championship Show - Maureen Blanks judging Dogs

Ruso took 1st in the Minor Puppy Dog Class and qualified for Crufts 2008 in style. Please scroll down to see him placed, and just about to jump up and grab the rosette from my hand lol!


July 2007 - Paignton Championsip Show with Jenny Startup Judging

Another reserve for SBSD in quite a big class, but boy what a difference, it seems the lad has mastered the art of standing still....well for at least 10 seconds at a time!

Nick Jones of                                        took some wonderful pictures of Ruso hard at work, please scroll down the page to see SBSD in action!


June 2007 - Ruso goes to Blackpool Champ Show - Judge Mrs Ivy Potts

Oh my goodness how naughty can a puppy be? Still, in far from favourable conditions he look reserve in MPD so another placing for the little toad!


June 2007 - Whippet Club of Scotland - Judge Molly Head

He was VHC from a class of 8 in Minor Puppy Dog, and Reserve in Novice from 14...He was very naughty bless him, but enjoyed his trip to Scotland!


June 2007 - Woodley Show - Judge Mr Alec Mackenzie

Ruso is Best Puppy in Show! Verbal Critique ~ Beautiful, well constructed with wonderful movement


May 2007 - The Whippet Forum Virtual Dog Show

Ruso wins Best Puppy In Show  from the Puppy Walk, and with 25 puppies entered in the competition, that's quite an achievement!


May 2007 - Maidenhead and District Canine Society Match Night - Judge Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

2nd from a class of 9 in the Puppy Walk. Critique ~ The nicest whippet I've had my hands on in ages, he was lovely to go over. Wonderful depth of chest, glorious movement, perfect length, and an excellent front.  


March 2007 - Bray Ringcraft Quarterly Match - Judge Sean Puttock

1st from a class of 8 in the Puppy Walk. I was very pleased with his debut, he showed like a pro!

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